SRS #04 Nick Kefalides MARSOC Raider

SRS #04 Nick Kefalides MARSOC Raider

In this episode of The Shawn Ryan Show, Shawn sits down with former Marine grunt / MARSOC Marine Raider Nick Kefalides. Nick has an incredibly compelling story from his 4 combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Nick also opens up about his injuries which lead him to medical retirement from the Marine Corps and how he overcame the dreaded transition from a seasoned war fighter to a professional bass fishing guide who now dedicates time educating combat veterans how to successfully transition.

In the coming weeks on the Vigilance Elite Channel we will also be posting an interview with Nick's Wife Jillian Kefalides, and the Debreif with Shawn and Katie of the week spent with them and the experience that led up to the show.



Once its gone. It's gone forever.

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