SRS #15 SEAL Team 6 / DEVGRU Operator DJ Shipley

SRS #15 SEAL Team 6 / DEVGRU Operator DJ Shipley

This episode of The Shawn Ryan Show I sit down with former SEAL TEAM 6/DEVGRU Operator DJ Shipley. Shipley has 17 years serving the United States at the highest level as a Navy SEAL Tier 1 operator. He joined the Navy at the age of 17 worked his way into the SEAL Teams and eventually to Development Group. Shipley gives us the most descriptive and detailed first hand combat account interview I have ever done. His service goes unmatched.

Shipley is also the founder of @GBRS Group a tactical training group that only employs Tier 1 Operators and the founder of @TRIBE SK8Z a company that makes one of a kind skate boards that are works of art, and employs only Gold Star family members (The title, which is reserved for families of military members who have died in the line of duty). Enjoy the show.



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