Shawn Ryan Show is Fighting Censorship

Shawn Ryan Show is Fighting Censorship

Presented for your edification and dissemination. Be aware of these two facts:

  • We are not anti-vax. We support personal liberty and subsidiarity.
  • We will always stonewall those powers and principalities which seek to plunder our God given freedoms. Our voice is not yours to take.

Please start by reviewing this video message from Mr. Shawn Ryan.

The Shawn Ryan show invited Mr. Dallas Alexander for an interview, desiring to tell his story. Mr. Alexander, a Metis Canadian, maintained a most excellent career with Canadian Armed Forces Special Operations & was part of the sniper team which broke the world record of the longest sniper kill in history - 2.2 miles.

Apparently we've some fans in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) officers lounge as we received the following cease and desist letter.

Page one of cease and desist from CAFPage two of the cease and desist from CAF.

Part one of the two part series details Dallas' life and pivotal moments which lead to the record breaking shot. Part two moved into Mr. Alexanders personal stance against the CAF mandate of the COVID vaccination - and subsequent dismissal from his unit. 

After careful discussion, we replied.


We began discussions with our CAF friends. CAF offered to work with us to identify and remove sensitive material. We spent many hours with legal and CAF representatives only to learn nothing was really classified. 

To date CAF have claimed:

    1. $44,000 pano nods were classified in Canada.
    2. The video provided to SRS showing the record breaking shot was classified. The same video used on this Canadian news agency website.
    3. Use of the video in question amounted to copyright infringement against His Majesty the King. (Wrong thing to say to an American.)

Before their operators could vacate their position after the record breaking shot (in a hostile area of operations), Canada itself revealed the location of said operators to the media.

It appears our neighbors to the north have a different definition for 'classified'. While each respective legal team worked on this issue we posted Dallas Alexander Part 2 and ensured it was devoid of operational topics. Rather, it addressed Mr. Alexanders forced departure from a Tier 1 unit for standing up for what he believed in. His valid religious exemption from his village elder was rejected showing the units commands total disregard for their own tolerance agenda.

We believe the units command is trying to cover up their unjust actions against Dallas. The SRS is not done with this issue. What follows are a scrappy, hard hitting group of Americans expressing their God-given and Constitutional right to freedom of speech. Don't censor me.

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But don't take our word for it:



Once its gone. It's gone forever.

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