SRS #101 Michael Yon - Secrets of the Darién Gap

SRS #101 Michael Yon - Secrets of the Darién Gap


Michael Yon is a Former Green Beret, Author, Photographer, and War Correspondent. After serving in the U.S. Army Special Forces, Yon retired his rifle in favor of a camera. He began his journalism career in December of 2004 in Iraq, covering some of the World's most complex conflicts and war zones. His writing and photography lead him to over 100 countries during his 20 year career. Most recently, he's been in South America covering an unknown path for illegal immigration into the United States: The Darién Gap.

The Darién Gap is a region that connects the Southernmost part of Panama and Northern Colombia. This area has become the preferred way of travel for hundreds of thousands of migrants since the late 2000's. The Darién Gap is largely unregulated and only maintained by a faltering assortment of NGOs and smugglers. In this episode, Yon breaks down how the region functions in illegal immigration and the growing threat it poses to U.S Sovereignty.


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