SRS #77 Tom Satterly - Delta Force CSM (RET) "All Secure" | SRS #77 Part 3

SRS #77 Tom Satterly - Delta Force CSM (RET) "All Secure" | SRS #77 Part 3


This week on SRS, we welcome Command SGT Major (R), Tom Satterly to the show. Satterly is a former Delta Force Operator with over twenty years of combat experience. He has participated in operations all across the globe. We're breaking his incredible story into a three part series.

Part 3

In this episode, Satterly tells us about the aftermath of Somalia and his career during the Global War on Terror. Then, we get into Satterly's transition out of Special Operations and into his civilian life where his personal war was just beginning. SRS also welcomes special guest Co-Founder & CEO of All Secure Foundation. Jen & Tom share some eye opening statistics around Veteran suicide and give an unfiltered look at what families go through when their warriors come home. They give us this insight through the lens of their own marriage.

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