SRS #90 Ryan Hendrickson - Green Beret, "Welcome to Afghanistan"

SRS #90 Ryan Hendrickson - Green Beret, "Welcome to Afghanistan"


This week, SRS is bringing you a special holiday episode just in time for Christmas. Ryan Hendrickson is an Army Special Forces Green Beret with over twenty two years of service and is a Silver Star recipient. Hendrickson is also an author and humanitarian, founding his organization "Tip of the Spear."

This episode covers Hendrickson's entire life story, from childhood to present day. Hendrickson explains his early career in the Navy and how he would ultimately pivot to being a Green Beret. Hendrickson had eight deployments to Afghanistan. In his first deployment, he was severely injured in an IED blast where Kyle Morgan, a previous SRS guest, carried him to safety.

Despite almost losing a leg, Hendrickson beat the odds and served on seven more deployments. This episode documents some of Hendrickson's most harrowing moments in combat. After his incredible career in the military, Hendrickson applied his skillset to an entirely new battlefield: Ukraine. Since the conflict began, Hendrickson has removed over 1,765 landmines with his humanitarian group "Tip of the Spear Landmine Removal.


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