SRS #96 Col. John Alexander - Military Applications of the Paranormal

SRS #96 Col. John Alexander - Military Applications of the Paranormal


Col. John Alexander is a former Army Special Forces Commander with an impeccable career in leadership across multiple agencies and programs within the U.S. intelligence community. Alexander lead Special Forces teams as an Officer during the Vietnam War. He would later serve as the Chief of Human Technology at INSCOM and Army Inspector General. Alexander's work inspired and was heavily featured in the book and adapted film "Men Who Stare at Goats." He is widely credited with leading the way in researching non-lethal weapons and military applications of the paranormal.

In this episode, Alexander recounts his experience in Vietnam and the brutality of jungle warfare. Through his experience, he began to see the power of coincidence and intuition. This led him to pursue greater knowledge via the Army Intelligence and Security Command. It was there he helped transform the United State's approach to the paranormal. Post retirement, Alexander became the Program Manager for Non-Lethal Defense at Los Alamos National Laboratory–the same lab responsible for the creation of the Atomic Bomb. Today, he is a successful Author and continues his work as a researcher.

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