SRS #98 Jonathan Wilson - Navy SEAL Operator

SRS #98 Jonathan Wilson - Navy SEAL Operator


Jonathan Wilson is a former Navy SEAL and Founder of INVI Mindhealth. This episode documents his life and work, on and off the battlefield. Wilson's interest was set on the military at an early age, as his Father was an MP and traveling around became the norm. He would eventually set his sights on the Naval Academy and Naval Special Warfare.

Wilson's early days were marked with mischief that nearly ended his career. Yet, through fate and luck, he made it to "Hell Week." He excelled in the SEAL Teams with a demanding op tempo and fighting in some of the worst combat zones like Sadr City. After multiple deployments, he left the SEAL Team's to explore a civilian career on Wall Street. The toll a high stress career at Goldman Sachs took on his family life and the lack of purpose ultimately lead him back to the Teams. After winding down his incredible career, he went on to start the Seal Future Foundation and INVI Mindhealth. INVI is a mobile app that "leverages the connectivity of the autonomic nervous system & the mind to provide actionable analysis" of human biometrics. INVI's goal is to end the veteran suicide epidemic with monitoring and preventative measures.


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