5 Things That Could Save Your Life From an Active Shooter

5 Things That Could Save Your Life From an Active Shooter

In this post Shawn Ryan, former Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor talks about 5 things that could save your life in the event of an active shooter scenario if you happen to be unarmed.

This subject is uncomfortable to talk about but the conversation needs to happen. These tips will better prepare you and your loved ones.

1. Stay Out of the Doorways

Stay out of the fatal funnel. It's called the fatal funnel for a reason. Doorways are natural chokepoints within an environment you do not want to be caught in one in this situation.

2. Medical Training 

Take the time to learn some field medicine. Learn what equipment is available to you and practical application. It would helpful to learn how to use a tourniquet and know how to treat a wound. Knowing how to stop the bleed could help save lives.

3. Cover vs Concealment

Learn the difference between cover and concealment. Cover can shield you from fire concealment only hides you. Utilize both cover and concealment as dead space between you and the threat. You do not want to be seen by an active shooter.

4. Hands and Vision

Think of items that could be utilized to obstruct an active shooter's vision when you are in your normal daily environment. This could be the sprinkler system it could be a cup of hot coffee etc. Your environment will dictate what is available to you.

5. Know Your Exits

This might sound simple but it is also vital. Knowing your exits and how to get to them quickly could save your life in an active shooter situation.

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