5 Prone Shooting Tips From a Navy SEAL

5 Prone Shooting Tips From a Navy SEAL

If you want maximum accuracy, you want to learn to shoot from the prone position. Full Lesson on Patreon Shooting From The Prone Position (27 Min Video).

Get Directly Behind The Gun

The rifle should be perpendicular to you. If you drew a line from the rifle through your body, it should be parallel to your spine on the right side if you are right handed. 

Get Low To The Ground


Let’s keep this simple. Your legs should be wide and the insteps of your feet should be pressed to the earth. Don’t have your heels up. The lower you are to the ground, the more accurate you’re going to be.

This base is important. It is the foundation for a stable shot.


Your elbows should also have a wide base like your feet. If your elbows are too close together you will be pivoting on them which will cause a large amount of wobble.

Shawn Ryan Prone Shot

Natural Point Of Aim

This is probably the most important takeaway from this list. Your natural point of aim should be on target without you muscling the gun at all. If you are straining to stay on target, you are adding increased human error to the marksmanship equation.

Adjust your hips to get on target and not your arms.

Cheek Weld 

Your cheek should be on the exact same part of the buttstock every time you shoulder your rifle. It doesn’t matter what system you are using, this concept translates across all platforms. If you have an inconsistent cheek weld, you are changing your point of aim every time you 

Navy SEAL Prone Shooting

Don't Hold Your Breath

You will rush things if you hold your breath. Learn to time your shots with your natural stability pauses while calmly breathing as you exhale.


The prone position requires patience and repetition. This is about accuracy and not round count. Your confidence will raise as your accuracy improves.

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