Breitbart Reports - Retired SEAL: ‘After Parkland, I Reached Out’ and ‘Nobody Wanted to Take Me Up’

Breitbart Reports - Retired SEAL: ‘After Parkland, I Reached Out’ and ‘Nobody Wanted to Take Me Up’



I tried my damndest to get someone’s ear that would allow me to help the schools of Parkland formulate some very simple plans that would at a minimum, at least minimize casualties if this were to happen again.

I left a slew of messages, but unfortunately no one wanted to focus on the real issues at hand and it just fell on deaf ears.
We were only fed bullshit propaganda that fit into an enormous nationwide political agenda.

Breitbart covers this over a year later from hearing me on the Mike Drop podcast. Hopefully this story opens some eyeballs to the citizens of Parkland on what kind of officials they have representing them.

With all this being said...


Preparing children for tragedies like this or anyone for that matter doesn’t and shouldn’t start with government officials. I think no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on we can all agree the system is fucking broken and it has been for a long time. So why do we put so much “trust” in them to do the right thing?

You as parents need to take responsibility for preparing your kids as well. Quit passing the buck onto everyone else. No one cares for your family more than you do, so why the hell would you be so quick to trust anyone else to take the time to teach your family what to do.

What have you as a family member done to prepare the ones you love the most how to react in a situation like this?
If the answer is nothing... Then it might be time for YOU to start making some serious changes.

I don’t base any of my training off fear, because I think that is a pathetic strategy as a teacher. But... This is some serious shit here ladies and gentlemen, and you’d best get with it.

The email I wrote right after the catastrophic event that went out to every government official, local and national news agency I could think of (I obviously should have contacted Breitbart) and all of my contacts I thought might actually give a shit. It went no where...

The email I sent is posted below.


Parkland, FL has the world's attention right now and my heart bleeds for them.

These cities also had the world's attention:

• Sutherland Springs, TX 11/5/17 26 Fatalities
• Las Vegas, NV 10/1/17 58 Fatalities
• Fort Lauderdale, FL 1/6/17 5 Fatalities
• Dallas, TX 7/7/16 5 Fatalities
• Orlando, FL 6/12/16 49 Fatalities
• San Bernardino, CA 12/2/15 14 Fatalities

What is being done differently this time? 
What have we learned from ALL the previous massacres?

Here is what I've seen so far...


I see everyone doing the exact same thing happening here in my own backyard. A city of victims quick to point the finger at how everything and everyone with the exception of themselves should have been ready for.

Was the country prepared and what steps did they take to get there?

Was the state prepared and what steps did they take to get there?

Was the city prepared and what steps did they take to get there?

Was the school system prepared and what steps did they take to get there?

Here's the most important question of all...

Were YOU prepared and what steps did YOU take to get there?

Here's what we do know:

1) The blame game does not work. 
2) Gun control (no matter where you stand on the subject) will 
still be a topic of debate when the next one happens.
3) It's going to happen again.

Piss poor planning leads to piss poor results. That is a fact of life, no matter what you are doing.

Everyone on every level could have formulated a better plan. Starting with you. What have you taught your kids about how to react when this happens? What is your plan? Or are you waiting for the school, the city, the state, or the country to step in a make the plan for you? That's absurd, how many people have you spoken to in the past 10 years who have faith in our government? Most likely big fat 0. So why in the hell would you want a broken system with no reliability that continually fails the citizens to formulate a plan to save you and your love one's life? Does this sound ridiculous to anyone else?

Being prepared starts with YOU. No one cares more about the lives of you and your family more than YOU. What have YOU done to prepare YOURSELF and YOUR family for when this happens?

I know everyone thinks I'm going towards guns are the answer. Everyone needs a gun to protect themselves. Negative... That's not where I'm going.

The reality is most people will never be proficient enough to be able to perform an act of self defense in an effective manner under extreme stress. Why? Because they fail to work at it. So this is not the answer.


Having a plan works.

Understanding what stops a bullet works.

Knowing the difference between cover and concealment works.

Understanding how to use dead space works.

Knowing where the exits are in relation to where you are works.

Calling the school and questioning them about their plan works.

Have you spoken to your family about any of these things? If you haven't maybe you should consider it.

I just listened to the local news last night and I was disgusted. I'm sitting there listening to a washed up attorney backseat quarterback the tragedy at Parkland High School. Her take on it... 
"I don't know why a group of people didn't rise together and bum rush the shooter. Sure, they would have lost 3 or 4 but eventually they would have taken the shooter out."

Let me ask you something lady. When was the last time you formulated a plan while taking fire, standing over dead bodies?

Here's why they didn't. BECAUSE THEY ARE KIDS!!!!

Can we quit listening to people who have no clue what they are talking about?


By isolating the threat.


Vision and hands. (Maybe we can eliminate one of these?)

Let's finally get real here and get a plan.

Can anyone get me the press? I'd like to help.

God Bless Parkland, FL

Stay Vigilant,

Shawn Ryan

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