Ed Calderon's Every Day Carry (EDC)

Ed Calderon's Every Day Carry (EDC)

In this post Ed Calderon (@edsmanifesto_), shares his every day carry with us.

Break out a pen and paper and take some notes. This is a high value update and you'll want to remember the takeaways of this one.

Ed Calderon is a non-permissive environment specialist. This knowledge is valuable when your normal EDC options are not an option. His main focus is mindset, which I love to see. He covers value, tools, medical, weaponology, social skills and evasion in this update.

It was awesome to see and hear the stories behind the evolution of what Ed carries and why he carries each item.


It is important to carry value on your person because it can, often times, get you in and out of situations. Ed covers multiple forms of value that he carries. Cash, Gold and Digital are three forms of currency that are easily implemented into his EDC system and are used during international travel.

Ed Calderon EDC Carry Value


Ed Calderon carries a variety of tools ranging from cordage and shims to pens and knives. He hammers home that the brand of tool is not important it is the ability to use what you have and readily source what you need. That last one hits close to home for me. We are blessed here in the states with access to some of the best tools in the world but we often get caught up in the brands. This adaptability was awesome to see.

Ed Calderon Every Day Carry at Vigilance Elite


For medical gear, Ed carries some of the usual suspects but adds his methodology and mindset to the equation. He runs a bright orange tourniquet carried extended down the inside of his pant leg. Ed explains that tourniquets are viewed in some countries as firearms or drug paraphernalia and could trigger the domino effect for additional searches.

Ed Calderon Tourniquet

The bright colors help keep publics from viewing it as a weapon and also increase disability in action when multiple applications are required in a dark environment.

Vigilance Elite Smore Bites


Ed Calderon is never unarmed. He is extremely resourceful and can weaponize a myriad of common items. This is where a large emphasis on not needing a specific brand comes into play. The man and intention behind the items is what is dangerous. Ed's techniques are very practical and useful in a defensive roll.

Ed Calderon EDC Pen

Social Skills

Social skills are often overlooked in today's world. Ed emphasizes getting off the phone and out of your comfort zone. It is important to practice and maintain these skills so that they will be available to you when you need them.

This is one of the most valuable items on this list.

Never miss a good conversation.

For more about Ed Calderon visit https://www.edsmanifesto.com/.

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