Hindsight 2020 | 5 Takeaways from a Navy SEAL

Hindsight 2020 | 5 Takeaways from a Navy SEAL

It's been a little over a year since the pandemic began in 2020. In this post I cover 5 things I learned during the pandemic. It is good to assess and learn from what happened last year to be better prepared for the next disaster. This one focuses less on traditional hard prepping (for that info check out the 7 Things I'm Doing To Prep Right Now post).

1. Tunnel Vision / Missed Opportunities

Taking a step back and reviewing what happened last year, I found myself getting caught up in tunnel vision. I was laser focused on getting long term food, N95 masks, ammo and medical supplies. Let me be clear, there's nothing wrong with having the hard preps covered.

In hindsight, this tunnel vision on hard prepping caused me to overlook some opportunities. Land and other investments like Bitcoin and stocks are top of mind on missed opportunities for me.

2. Local Community

In times of crisis, being part of your local community is invaluable. Your local government and institutions will affect you directly much more than federal government will.

This one can be hard for me. I'm an introvert. It is easy for me to rock it alone on the farm but this is not always the best thing for me. It is good to be a part of your local community.

3. Diversify News Sources

It is a must to get your news from more than one news source. I caught myself watching one news network and felt like I was missing pieces of the big picture.

One of the things I ended up doing was getting a neutral device that I don't log into any profiles with. This keeps the search results/recommendations and advertising less focused on your online profile. I find it refreshing using this when checking the news.

4. Being In The Moment

This is one of the most important takeaways I had from 2020. I caught myself not living in the moment many times throughout the year when spending time with with my family and friends.

I value meaningful interaction and found myself distracted from what was in front of me at the time.

The farm helped me with that. Taking care of the animals helped me slow down and live in the moment.

5. Skills

Skills became top of mind for me during 2020. I wish I knew more about automotive, electrical, gardening and plumbing skills to name a few. When you no longer have access to these services, you appreciate the value. It's good to be always learning and adding more skills to your tool kit. Adding skills is a solid investment.


Hopefully this post helps identify some areas where you'll know where to build back stronger. Stay vigilant 👊🏻.

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