Survival Showdown Mindset Challenge | EP 01

Survival Showdown Mindset Challenge | EP 01

Let's start 2021 off right with the first episode of a new concept. 

Big thanks to Tier III Patrons, Adam Banks and "Call me Colonel" (Tim) for stepping up and going head to head in the first challenge.

I also want to throw a thank you to Nutrient Survival for sponsoring this first episode and providing an awesome prize. Check them out to prep long term food storage.

Nutrient Survival

The Challenge


A virus has ravaged the country for the previous year. Following one of the most controversial elections in history, a vaccine is quickly introduced and will be mandatory via the government. 

Vigilance Elite Mindset Showdown 001 Shawn Ryan

You have decided that you do not want to take it.

You are about to bug out to the woods with your family forever. You have 15 min and $125 in a popular sporting goods store.

Vigilance Elite Mindset Showdown 001 Shawn Ryan Navy SEAL

What do you grab and why?

Some areas to consider:

  • Food - (covered by Nutrient Survival in this challenge)
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Medical
  • Defense
  • Fire
  • Clothing

Let us know in the comments below any items you think would have also been good to consider for this challenge.

Vigilance Elite Mindset Showdown 001 Patrons

The idea behind this exercise is to get your mind working to cover multiple bases quickly and be able to automatically apply this information if/when necessary.

We'll be doing more of these throughout the year and are excited to get more Patrons involved.

Buckle up!

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