Mindset Survival Showdown | Episode 2 | Bugout

Mindset Survival Showdown | Episode 2 | Bugout

In this episode of the Mindset Survival Challenge we focus on pushing forward when you are dealt a less than ideal hand.

Thank you to Adam and Brian for stepping up to do this challenge. Ya'll went above and beyond what we were expecting.

Thank you to Nutrient Survival for sponsoring this episode and providing an awesome prize. Check them out to prep long term food storage. 


In high stress situations your body and mind can fail. Nutrient Survival offers elite survival food that gives you all the nutrients your body needs for a sound body and sharp mind when it matters most.

The Scenario *Hypothetical*

The country is divided more than ever before and one political party is hunting the other. Unfortunately, you are on the side being hunted. There is a safe zone about 5,000 east of your location. Unfortunately, your car just died on you and you are stranded in the woods for at least one month while you regroup and come up with a proper recovery plan. You are losing daylight and it is cold at night.

The Challenge

Select a location and build a shelter with the limited items that you have on hand in 3 hours.

Things to Consider

  • Concealment
  • Proximity to Water
  • Flooding
  • Repurposing Items
  • Exposure to the Elements

The purpose of this exercise is to show adaptability in a less than ideal situation. We aren't going shopping this time!

More mindset challenges coming. Are you ready?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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